I am a Visual Artist working in painting, drawing and graphic design. My practice is informed by nature, environment, emotion and spirituality. I explore realms of time and space, life and death.

Referencing elements of nature in my work, I strive to evoke a gut reaction from the viewer. I leave the tangible for an alternate reality and perceive the world in a spiritual sense. Natural elements such as tornadoes, major storm systems, and environmental fluctuations have always been a large source of inspiration in my work.  I am interested in the natural breakdown of matter and the cycle of birth and death. I’ve been influenced by the rigors and joys of my travels and life experience; a year of personal discovery spent hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and backpacking throughout Southeast Asia as well as my childhood in the fierce, changeable climate of Oklahoma.

My time in Southeast Asia has renewed my interest in Buddhist thought and principles. The Mahābhūta and the four elements; earth, water, fire and air inform and combine with my earliest influences.


Studied under-
Melvin Leipzig
Mark Stockton
Cindy Moore


Works held in numerous private collections throughout the United States


2015- Earth Bread and Brewery, Philadelphia PA
2014- Triumph- Solo Exhibition, New Hope NJ
2014- Gold Standard- Solo Exhibition, Philadelphia PA
2013- Race Street- Solo Exhibition, Philadelphia, PA
2013- Galleria- Summer Fare- Joint Exhibition, Lambertville NJ
2013- Gold Standard- Solo Exhibition, Philadelphia PA
2013- Studio 2033- Joint Exhibition, Philadelphia PA
2012- Goldilocks Gallery- Bedrooms Joint Exhibition, Philadelphia PA
2012- Nook- Solo Exhibition - Philadelphia PA
2012- High Point Allens Lane -Solo exhibition, Philadelphia PA
2012- Gold Standard- Solo Exhibition, Philadelphia PA
2011- Stillwater- Solo Exhibition- Philadelphia  PA
2010- Jimmy Style Solo Exhibition- Philadelphia  PA
2009- Contraversion- Alfa Art Gallery, New Brunswick NJ
2009- Sight Unseen – George Street Playhouse, New Brunswick NJ
2008 – Schering-Plough Solo Exhibition- Chatham NJ
2008 – Past, Present, Forward- Artworks, Trenton NJ
2008 – Garden State- Mercer County Community College Gallery, West Windsor NJ
2008 – Trenton Artworks Association group exhibition, Artworks, Trenton NJ
2007 – Present – Gallery Piquel, New Hope , NJ